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  Our Work Is Our Passion!
Gersol Construction inc. can count on an experienced team of on-site engineers, appraisers and evaluators, project leaders and technicians, superintendents, and highly skilled labour. In addition, thanks to integration of several high-quality subcontractors and suppliers into its team, the firm can provide excellent customer service.

Gersol Construction inc. carries out municipal infrastructure works, including implementation of sewer and water systems, parking areas, aerated ponds and pumping stations.

Commercial and Industrial
Gersol Construction inc. carries out all underground work necessary for properly erecting commercial and industrial buildings.

We stick out in execution of non-standard works requiring geotechnical knowledge such as putting up deep structures and elements in brownfields or unstable grounds.


ISO 9001 : 2008
R.B.Q. 8260-2038-27
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