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  Gersol Construction inc.'s mission consists in offering optimal, innovative civil engineering, soil management and sediment dredging management solutions.

Satisfying our clients is one of our top priorities.

Our team has made a commitment to:
» quickly respond to your requests based on our efficiency in project tendering, design, development and follow-up;
» carry out and complete your projects within pre-established target schedules;
» find innovative, economical solutions exceeding your expectations during projects in progress based on a vision for sustainable development
» provide high-quality customer service by maintaining close ties from beginning to end of every project;
» remain productive, courteous and respectful in order to last as your preferred supplier in our field.

GERSOL CONTRUCTION is recognized for its organizational rigorousness, optimal and innovative ideas, expertise, and its will to go the extra mile.


ISO 9001 : 2008
R.B.Q. 8260-2038-27
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