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  Brownfield Rehabilitation
We can revive brownfields by offering a lump-sum tendering service. This initiative guarantees profitability of real estate, commercial and industrial promoters' brownfield-bound projects. Thus Gersol Construction inc. decontaminated the soil and ground waters at the Helroy plant (Abitibi Consolidated) in Joliette.

Since 2002, Gersol Construction inc. has carried out dredging projects entailing ground sediment management. In 2002, the firm successfully executed an emergency dredging operation at the Richardson pier of the Sorel-Tracy port, which accounted for 5,000 m3 of sediments under ground management. Later on, in 2005, it carried out a 100,000-m3 environmental dredging project for the Corporation de développement des parcs industriels et du port de Sorel-Tracy at the mouth of the Richelieu and Saint-Lawrence Rivers, from which 45,000 m3 of AB sediments and 6,000 m3 of BC sediments are processed in earth ponds.

In 2007, for a Montreal East-based refinery, Gersol performed the dredging of 75,000 m3 of metal-contaminated soil, disposed of and processed its sediments in earth ponds, then sent them to appropriate elimination sites.

In 2008, Gersol expanded the Rio Tinto pier at the Sorel-Tracy port, disposed of all sediments and levelled out the sea floor.

We have developed dredging expertise and know-how, and are currently doing research to find economical contaminated ground sediment management solutions.

We operate specialized equipment such as sealed dumper trucks, backhoes and loaders geared to handling argillous (clayish) sediments in quasi-liquid form.

Our truck fleet and specialized equipment allow us to recycle dismantled materials and residual material backfills on the work site, and thus reclaim and rehabilitate them.



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