Created in 1999, Gersol Construction Inc. specializes in civil engineering and environmental projects, as well as labour and equipment rental and snow removal services. The company is particularly known for its major achievements in the field of environmental protection.

Our areas of expertise include environmental work such as dredging management, deposits management, soil decontamination, as well as soil disposal and management.

An ISO 9001:2008-certified company, Gersol Construction Inc. is renowned for the know-how, expertise and performance of its dedicated teams of project management professionals.

We provide services to the heavy industry, as well as to municipalities and public bodies such as government agencies and departments. In fact, theAutorité des marchés financiers (AMF) has authorized us to contract or subcontract with public bodies, in accordance with theAct respecting contracting by public bodies. 


Our mission is to provide optimal and innovative solutions for the civil engineering and environmental fields that benefit our customers, many of whom work in the heavy industry and public sector.

Services stemming from our core mission include: 

  • Deposit dredging management: since 2002, we have acquired a solid and sought-after expertise in dredging management, including contaminated deposits, thanks to our highly specialized equipment; 
  • Contaminated soil rehabilitation: our soil decontamination and rehabilitation services allow us to give new life to contaminated land, and also guarantee the profitability of eventual real estate development projects;  
  • Civil engineering: we carry out numerous civil engineering projects such as sewers, water systems, pumping stations, underpinning work prior to the construction of commercial or industrial buildings, etc.

A leader in environmental dredging management in Quebec, Gersol Construction Inc. aims at expanding its operations outside the province.


The entire team at Gersol Construction Inc. shares a set of values we consider to be essential, namely:

  • The safety of our employees

  • The satisfaction of our customers

  • Sustainable development

  • Involvement at the regional level